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Collapsible Cups are here!

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We are excited to have our collapsible Stojo cups in stock: “sip it, smash it, stash it!” You don’t need to cut any more trees down to get your coffee to go. Available in 12oz and 16oz sizes in store. You can take a beverage up the gondola, then simply crush the cup so it […]

Hot Cross Buns by Ed

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Easter is, of course, a Christian tradition; a time when Jesus was said to have died on the cross and been resurrected two days after his burial. It follows the 40-day period of abstinence named Lent. Hot cross buns are spiced sweet buns with dried fruits such as raisins inside and were traditionally made without […]

Grand Opening

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We opened on Friday March 22nd and enjoyed a hugely popular turn-out with a line out the door for four hours, despite the fire alarm sounding for part of the morning! Local pro-skier Stan Rey came by to meet his sourdough culture brother “Stan Rye”, as well as local Olympian Julia Murray with her mum […]