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Best vegan pizza in BC, Canada

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There’s just something about pizza. We can’t get enough of it here at our vegan bakery in Whistler, British Columbia (BC) and we’re always trialling new vegan pizza toppings to go on our sourdough pizza dough. But it’s not just us, most of Canada is pizza mad – there’s even a Canadian Pizza Magazine! The […]

Is Bread Vegan?

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You’ve made yourself a killer toasted sandwich using our tasty vegan toast topping ideas and you’re about to take a huge bite out of it when your friend walks in and asks: “Oh, is all bread plant-based then?” You stop and think about it for a second and then your heart sinks as you realise […]

Why You Should be Eating Farm-to-Table with BReD

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All food that reaches your plate has been on a journey. And you may be surprised by just how far it has travelled! According to a Research Gate report, 30% of Canada’s agricultural and food commodities are imported. This equates to over 61 billion tonnes/kilometre worth of ‘food miles’, leading to 3.3 million metric tonnes […]