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Why isn’t sugar always vegan?

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Animal products are often hidden in many of the processed foods that we eat. Even if the ingredients label doesn’t list an animal product, it doesn’t mean that no animal products were used during the production process. Different processing methods use animal products, such as beer and wine, which may use egg or fish bladder […]

What does the perfect sourdough loaf look like?

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Baking sourdough is an art. And as with all art – perfection is in the eye of the beholder. That said, when baking bread, you want to have a quality final product, so being able to identify a good-looking loaf is key. We already know that no two loaves of sourdough will look the same, […]

What do vegans use instead of butter in baking

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Pull out an old baking recipe book, and you’ll find the delicious favourites – cookies, bread, cakes, brownies, muffins, you name it. And seemingly everything can be made with four main ingredients – flour, sugar, eggs, and butter. Butter is used to add softness, moisture and creaminess. It also helps the dough to rise as […]