3 Fall/Winter baking trends to try in 2022

At BReD, we focus on doing several things well: sourdough loaves, cinnamon rolls, and other baked goods and comforting beverages. While we don’t venture too far away from our tried and true staples, it’s fun to pay attention to and learn about a few cool trends in baking.

With winter soon approaching, we thought we’d share a few of these baking trends—don’t forget to make them plant-based!

1. Croffles

Croissant waffles, also known as “croffles,” emerged as the newest street food in Korea, and it’s exactly what you’re thinking: a croissant roll pressed in a waffle maker. Anyone who bakes croissants will tell you the painstaking process it involves, so it may seem like a travesty to transform it into a waffle, but you still get the crispy exterior and several flakey layers you’d expect out of a good croissant. It’s also more healthy, without the sugar that’s usually in waffle batter. Try this recipe from The Viet Vegan.

2. Bento Cakes

Another trend from Korea and other parts of Asia (bento is “convenience” in Japanese), bento cakes are mini cakes or “lunchbox cakes.” They’re making their way around the world and in social media feeds. Although large cakes will never go out of style, rumour is, these popped up during the pandemic when celebrations became more intimate. Usually decorated with quirky captions, cute designs, and other textures and flavours, bento cakes are suitable for individual servings. Though bento cakes are mini-sized, the effort and creativity that goes into making them can equal that of a regular-sized cake.

Try instead at BReD: Our Pemberton Carrot Cake with Walnuts.

Source: https://busybutcooking.com/mini-lunchbox-cakes

3. Coffee and tea infusions

Coffee and tea are making their way into baked goods and desserts. Think outside of the coffeecake box and think latte, mocha, lemon tea, floral tea, and chai. Try this recipe for Vegan Irish Tea Brack on BBC’s GoodFood.

Try instead at BReD: Our house-made Indian Chai with coconut whip or vegan marshmallows to elevate it to another level!

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