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Originally from Kent in the UK, Ed has always worked in fine dining kitchens around the world and has been
making sourdough since 2008. Ed and Natasha moved to Canada in 2013 to snowboard for a season. They both worked
in hospitality and Ed worked in farm-to-table restaurant Alta Bistro in Whistler, BC.

While taking some shoulder-season leave and working on Vancouver Island farms in the summer of 2014, Ed started
a sourdough culture that he took with him back to Alta Bistro and implemented a bread programme for the

Back in 2016, Ed rented the bistro’s kitchen once a week to make bread for his friends, who subsequently
told their friends, and before long demand had increased to a point where Ed had outgrown the equipment.
That’s when Ed and his wife, Natasha, decided to team up and start planning to open an 100% plant-based
organic sourdough bread shop in Creekside, Whistler. Natasha admired Ed’s dedication to making tasty
artisan loaves and Ed knew that Natasha’s background as an English teacher and examiner, as well as a
string of hospitality jobs over the years would come in useful for starting a food and beverage business.


a plant-based bakery was born

Being vegan for the past five years, it was important for Ed and Natasha to bring that into their business.
They both believe that you shouldn’t make food for other people that you wouldn’t eat yourself.

The bread shop and plant-based bakery sells loaves for pick-up in-store and a selection of small baked items
and espresso based coffees are available in the bread shop. Direct-trade, Australian-inspired Canadian roasted
smooth, rich and balanced deep chocolate syrupy sweetness and cherry-like fruitiness espresso coffees matched
with oat, almond, soy or coconut alternatives to cow’s milk.

a commitment to sourcing locally

At BReD, we have a commitment to sourcing as locally as we can, which means that at least 95% of our suppliers are no further than 220km. Our menu changes with the seasons to reflect this, so you won’t find carrot cake on our menu all year round because we cannot always access locally grown carrots and we prefer not to source them from overseas.

Our seasonal menu uses ingredients from the following suppliers*:

Fresh produce from Helmers farm in Pemberton, Hares farm in Pemberton, Seed to Culture in Lillooet, Edible Eden Farm in Pemberton, Laughing Crow farm in Pemberton, North Arm Farm in Pemberton, Olives from Astrid’s Fine Foods in Whistler (distributor for Lekker’s in Richmond), Loose leaf tea from Ranger Tea (formerly Namasthe) in Whistler, Tea blends from Blume in Vancouver, Coffee beans from Elysian coffee in Vancouver, Dry foods from Jiva Organics in Vancouver and LCG Foods in Vancouver, Maple syrup from Simply Canadian in Vancouver, Butter and cream cheese from Vegan Supply in Vancouver, Salt from Vancouver Island Sea Salt in Oyster Bay, Flour from Anita’s Organic Mill in Chilliwack.

Our retail goods are from the following local suppliers*:

Cailin Prince Ceramics in Vancouver, Cold Gold in Vancouver, East van Jam in Vancouver, Chop Value in Vancouver, Scratch Fine Foods in Vancouver, Sirene in Victoria, Pasta from InGrain Pastifico in Vancouver.

*Please note that suppliers change from time to time and we may not be stocking from all of these suppliers at this time.


things you may not know about ed

  1. He has been a footman for state visits at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle.
  2. He once put a fire out on a London Underground tube train (subway) with his feet and saved many people’s
  3. He has cooked for DJ Jazzy Jeff from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.


ed’s vegan journy

things you may not know about natasha

  1. She grew up in foster care in south-east London, and went vegetarian at age 7.
  2. She has surfed around the world in places like Bali, Australia, Portugal and Mexico, but can’t swim!
  3. Her first job was working as a clown at children’s parties where the kids either chased her for hours to
    fight her, or ran away screaming! It was exhausting and only paid £5/hour.

Read about Natasha’s plant-Based Journey here

Natasha’s Vegan Story

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