The best cities in Canada for vegans

As of 2018, there were over 2.3 million vegetarians in Canada and 850,000 vegans, as reported by Statista. And we’re willing to bet that number has only continued to increase as, every day, there are more vegan options becoming available across the country. The demand is clearly there. From new vegan restaurants and cafes to established businesses adding plant-based options, Canada is a vegans paradise!

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But there are still some cities that are ahead of the curve when it comes to the accessibility of vegan products and innovation. Here are the top five best cities in Canada for vegans. 

whistler vegan friendly city in Canada

1. Whistler, British Columbia

Whistler is one of Canada’s most popular ski towns and attracts visitors from around the globe to experience its two massive mountains, gorgeous lakes and picturesque villages. In the summer, the mountain biking and hiking crowd come in, so basically, year-round, Whistler is bustling with an active crowd who loves the great outdoors. The types of visitors that come to Whistler are health-conscious people who want to take care of the environment and themselves, which is why there is a significant demand for plant-based, whole food options in the town. And they’ve delivered.

Whistler has some amazing vegan bakeries like BReD in Creekside Village, and almost every restaurant has at least a few vegan options on the menu, so you’ll be able to find something delicious regardless of where you go.

Some of our favourite vegan-friendly spots in Whistler include:

In Whistler village:

–     Green Moustache

–     Elements

–     Ohyama Ramen

–     Earls

–     Hunter Gather

–    Alta Bistro

In Creekside:

–     BReD

–     Creekbread

–    Nita Lake Lodge

Montreal vegan friendly city in Canada

2. Montreal, Quebec

Montreal has always attracted foodies with its inventive chefs and food scene. Their French colonial history may have influenced that, as the French culture centres around good food and the finer things in life. When it comes to food, it’s always got to be the best. For vegans, Montreal has some of the most amazing food, product and plant-based store options in the country.

The city hosts the Montreal Vegan Festival every year, which features cooking demos, lectures, and various exhibitions from emerging brands and merchants.

The vegan food scene includes some venues that you wouldn’t find anywhere else, such as the two cat cafes, a 100% vegan pub and even vegan poutine! Here are some of our favourite spots to grab vegan grub in Montreal:

–     Copper Branch


–     Bloom Sushi

–     LOV

–     Archway Bar Sante

–    Cafe Tuyo

Toronto vegan friendly city in Canada

3. Toronto, Ontario

Toronto is exceptionally vegan-friendly, with one part of the city being dubbed “Vegandale” for its range of vegan restaurants, shops and cafes. Vegandale even has its own music, art and food festival, and that’s on top of Toronto’s Veg Food Fest, which is one of the biggest vegan festivals in North America.

You’ll find vegan bakeries like Bunner’s, which has even won an award for the best bakery in the entire city. Toronto also has an entirely vegan grocery store called Good Rebel, which is located on Dundas West. There are vegan delis, vegan pizza restaurants and even a vegan meal kit service called The Goods.

The great thing about Toronto is that no matter what vegan goodie you’re looking for, you’re almost guaranteed to find it close by. Here are some of our favourite vegan locations in Toronto:

–     Buddha’s Vegan Restaurant

–     PLANTA Queen

–     Saigon Lotus

–     The Hogtown Vegan

Vancouver vegan friendly city in Canada

4. Vancouver, British Columbia

The vegan scene in Vancouver is booming. From vegan Vietnamese food in Kitsilano to vegan pizza in Gastown, you’ll find tons of options all over the city. Where vegan comfort food is concerned, you can’t beat Vancouver. You no longer need to miss out on a greasy Saturday brunch with your friends, and instead, you can enjoy things like Philly Cheez-Steak Hash, and Chick’un & Waffles made with oyster mushrooms.

If fine dining is more your style, you can enjoy plant-based versions of crab cake benedict, smoked lox benedict or tempeh rib hash at more upscale vegan restaurants like MILA in Chinatown.

On top of that, there’s no shortage of other vegan cuisine options, including Greek, Italian, Middle Eastern, French and more. Here are some of the best vegan spots in Vancouver:

–     MeeT

–     Nightshade

–     MILA

–     Innocent Ice Cream Parlour

–     Chau Veggie Express

–     Lotus Seed

–     Chi Vegan

–    Virtuous Pie

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Halifax vegan friendly city in Canada

5. Halifax, Nova Scotia

Located out on Canada’s east coast, Halifax is often underrated when it comes to vegan cuisine. But this beautiful city, with its boardwalks, historical charm and lively maritime culture, has tons to offer vegans. The city is smaller than some of the others on our list, but that doesn’t mean it has anything less to offer. Halifax actually has its own vegan butcher shop, called Real Fake Meats, with plant-based comfort foods, meatz and cheeze. They also have a Copper Branch, the same chain as the one in Montreal, where you can get burgers, chilli, poutine, nachos and other vegan comfort foods.

Additionally, most of the restaurants in the city offer at least a few delicious vegan options like seitan donairs, vegetable stirfries and chocolate tofu pies. Restaurants are notoriously accommodating in Halifax, regardless of any dietary restrictions, so they will likely be able to prepare something delicious and vegan for you.

Here are some of the best vegan options in Halifax:

–     enVie: A Vegan Kitchen

–     Heartwood

–     The Wooden Monkey

–     Wild Leek

–     Springhouse Market

The best cities in Canada for vegans

It’s exciting to be able to say that beyond this list, there are many more amazing cities in Canada for vegans. Veganism is growing, as are those choosing to eat plant-based at least some of the time. As the demand for plant-based products grows, so does the accessibility of these products. It’s never been a better time to try a plant-based diet in Canada since you rarely have to give anything up.

There are options available across the country, from vegan breakfast restaurants to vegan fine dining, so you can still enjoy delicious food without the negative impacts on the environment, the animals, or your health!