Best vegan pizza in BC, Canada

There’s just something about pizza.

We can’t get enough of it here at our vegan bakery in Whistler, British Columbia (BC) and we’re always trialling new vegan pizza toppings to go on our sourdough pizza dough. But it’s not just us, most of Canada is pizza mad – there’s even a Canadian Pizza Magazine!

The types of pizza and the pizza toppings that are enjoyed around the world are as diverse as the cultures that eat this delicious Italian dish. What’s more, with the rise of veganism in BC, there’s so much vegan pizza, we’re spoilt for choice!

Whether you’re a resident or just stopping by, we’d hate for you to miss out on pizza. Therefore, we’ve done our best to round up some of our favourite vegan pizzas in BC, Canada (including Whistler and Vancouver).

Vegan Pizza Whistler

If you’re lucky enough to be in this neck of the woods, then Whistler has lots to offer in terms of plant-based pizza:

Creekbread’s Vegan Treehugger Pizza


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Surrounded by the Canadian Coast Mountains and right across the street from the finish line of the Olympic downhill races, Creekbread has been serving flatbread pizzas since the 2010 Winter Olympics. Like our team here at BReD, this Whistler-based pizzeria likes to support local farmers and their dough is made from 100% organic flour.

Their vegan pizza is laden with organic wood-fired cauldron tomato sauce and topped with caramelised onions, BC grown mushrooms, Kalamata olives, and homemade garlic oil!

Visit Creekbread’s website

Functional Pie’s Vegan Mos Def


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Located in Function Junction (the first junction and neighbourhood you pass on the left when arriving in Whistler from the Sea to Sky Highway), Functional Pie was voted Pique’s number one pizzeria in Whistler 2020. And with good reason.

Inspired by Detroit style pan with a NY classic design, Functional Pie’s Vegan Mos Def Pizza is handcrafted with premium quality ingredients, including vegan cheese, onions, mushrooms, and Beyond Meat Italian Sausage.

Visit Functional Pie’s website

Fat Tony’s Vegan Pizza

If you’re a late owl, then Fat Tony’s is the best place to go for vegan pizza in Whistler. These guys are open until 3am! So you can still get your pizza fix even after the bars have all shut.

Fat Tony’s is also a great pizzeria if you want some more options. You can choose between 13 different vegan pizzas ranging from $13 for a small 10” Cheese and Garlic to $34.50 for a large 16” Beyond Meat Supreme. Great value for money!

Visit Fat Tony’s website

BReD’s Vegan Tartine Pizzas


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Love sourdough? Then you’ll adore our 24hr fermented sourdough tartine pizzas. Our latest creation is made from our sourdough pizza dough and comes with roasted Helmer’s Organic Farm potatoes, cremini brown mushrooms, caramelised red onions, parsley, and lemon & garlic gremolata.

If you don’t already know, we’re BReD, a 100% plant-based bakery in Whistler, Creekside.

You can find out more about us here

Vegan Pizza Vancouver

After a spot of vegan skiing, perhaps you’re thinking of heading down the Sea to Sky corridor to Vancouver? You won’t be disappointed since this vibrant city is home to some of Canada’s best vegan pizza joints:

Virtuous Pie


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A family-run vegan restaurant chain founded in Vancouver, Virtuous Pie makes some of the best vegan pizzas in BC. There are 12 fully plant-based pizzas to choose from, featuring artisanal nut-based cheeses and 3-day hand-stretched dough. We love their Forager Pizza!

Visit Virtuous Pie’s website

Pizza Grano


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Vancouver’s first vegan Vera Pizza Napoletana, Pizza Grano prides itself on following Neapolitan pizza guidelines. All of their pizzas are made using hand-stretched dough and plant-based toppings before being baked in a domed brick oven. Yum!

You can expect fresh and locally-grown produce as well as delicious plant-based cheeses. Try their Pesto Pizza!

Visit Pizza Grano’s website

Vegan Cave

Plant-based and earth-friendly, this pizzeria makes gluten-free pizza pies and homemade nut cheeses using fresh, natural ingredients. We recommend their Buffalo Buddha!

Visit Vegan Cave’s website


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Make Your Own Pizza in Whistler, BC

In Whistler and enjoy cooking for yourself?

Step 1. Buy our sourdough pizza dough.

Step 2. Check out these vegan pizza topping ideas for inspiration.

Step 3. And create your own vegan pizza!