BReD’s 5 favourite vegan butters

If you didn’t already know, BReD is proud to be a 100% plant-based bakery. That means we use no animal products in our baked goods—we’ve even saved the lives of about two dozen animals since inception!

An important part of vegan baking is using plant-based butter. Here’s our roundup of our favourite vegan butters that make our baked goods taste delectable! Please note, prices are approximate.

1. Miyoko’s Spreadable Cultured Vegan Oat Milk Butter

Crafted with a hint of sea salt, the cultured flavour of this vegan butter meets spreadable convenience. What we love: it’s non-GMO and lactose, gluten, soy and palm oil-free. We find it DELICIOUS as a spread, but it can be hard to find for the average person. Cost: $5.99 USD for 12 oz (340g).

2. Miyoko’s European Style Cultured Unsalted Vegan Butter

Also made by Miyoko’s Creamery, this unsalted vegan butter is the best we’ve tested for making pastry out of all the vegan butter products available in Canada. Crafted for baking, it tastes and performs so much like traditional fine dairy butter, you won’t believe it’s made from plants. Bonus: it comes in a wrapper designed with baking measurements for easy use. Cost: $6.49 USD for 8 oz (227g).

3. Naturli’s Organic Vegan Block 

This block of vegan butter contains shea, coconut, rapeseed and almond. It’s also palm oil-free (which we love). With organic ingredients, you can melt it over hot corn, bake with it, toss your pasta in it, fry with it, spread it on bread, add it to sauces, and have it on vegetables. We’ve heard great things from the European market, but haven’t found it in Canada yet. Cost: £2.25 for 200g.

4. Le Grand’s Sea Salt Vegan Butter

At $6.49 CAD for 227g, this salted vegan butter is the most economical option. With a creamy and smooth texture, it’s a VERY buttery spread. Le Grand also makes an unsalted version that’s rich and creamy with a delicate garden aroma. Both versions contain live active cultures, which is good for your gut.

5. Nuts for Butter 

This Canadian-grown brand (you’ll know it as Nuts for Cheese) now has three varieties of vegan butter: Salted Original, Unsalted Original, and Herb & Garlic. With a rich, creamy, lush and smooth mouthfeel, its 100% dairy-free and certified organic butters are perfect for spreading, cooking, melting, and baking. They’re made with organic cashews, are gluten and soy-free, non-GMO, and use no gums or filler. You’ll find them at retailers across Canada and the USA. Nuts for Butter makes a great spread! Cost: $10.99 CAD for 227g.

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