Hot Cross Buns by Ed

Easter is, of course, a Christian tradition; a time when Jesus was said to have died on the cross and been resurrected two days after his burial. It follows the 40-day period of abstinence named Lent. Hot cross buns are spiced sweet buns with dried fruits such as raisins inside and were traditionally made without dairy products as people had given up meat and dairy for Lent. They have been eaten over Lent, and especially on Good Friday, for centuries. The cross represents that which Jesus was crucified upon, and the spices are symbolic of those used to embalm Christ’s body. Whether you are religious or not, hot cross buns smell amazing and are a real treat this time of year.

This year, Ed has incorporated his sourdough starter into the mix along with 50% house-milled organic red spring wheat from Nunweiler’s flour company in Kelowna, BC and organic bread flour from Anita’s mill in Chilliwack, BC. The dough incorporates orange, apple, raisins, 100% pure organic Canadian maple syrup, oat milk, spices and Vancouver Island salt.

It is first come, first served for Hot Cross Buns by Ed until Easter Sunday. They are baked fresh and maple-glazed by Ed every morning and available after 9am until sold out, so get there early to avoid disappointment! Pre-orders are only available with an in-store payment ahead of time.

Our serving suggestion is to cut them in half and toast lightly, then coat with coconut butter (available from Creekside market just up the steps from us). Alternatively, you can make your own coconut butter, or manna, by blending shredded coconut until it becomes creamy. You will need a solid blender like a Vitamix for that but it is worth it. And don’t confuse coconut butter (a wholefood) with coconut oil (a refined food). Coconut butter is far superior! Almond butter works nicely too.

However you eat your hot cross bun, we hope it is amazing, and the team at BRED wish y’all a HAPPY HOLIDAY!