Mission + Values Photo Credit: Darby Magill


Mission Statement: Better baking making a better world.

We believe in reducing animal suffering and environmental damage by making vegan baked goods and beverages to the highest standard we can, so that people prefer our offerings over traditional animal-based ones.

We do this by making healthy naturally leavened sourdough, whole grain and plant-based products from scratch and bake fresh daily using organic, seasonal and locally sourced ingredients, which look and taste great and make every eating experience more satisfying.

We believe your food should be prepared in front of you so you can see our commitment to using fresh, local, and sustainable products, whilst maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness.


Vision: Our Why

We want a world where people do not exploit animals for such arbitrary reasons such as taste and enjoyment. We promote a lifestyle that excludes, as far as possible and practical, all forms of exploitation of – and cruelty to – animals for the purposes of food, clothing or anything else.

We also want a just world for humans. A world where resources are utilized in a sustainable way to ensure all current and future generations are provided for – a world where no one goes hungry. At the heart of the sustainability and food justice agenda is plant-based food production and consumption: Veganism. 


Core Values:

Integrity: We do the right thing even when no one is looking.

Sustainability: Local, seasonal, organic ingredients, reduce waste, compostable packaging, plant trees, give back.

Respect: We respect the planet, the animals, our team, our customers and most importantly ourselves.

Communication: Be clear, concise and open in our communication with guests and with each other.

Accountability: We hold ourselves and each member of the team accountable to our standards.