Ten Tasty Toast Toppings (vegan-friendly)

We don’t know about you but we could eat bread all 👏 day 👏 long 👏

And what better way to eat it than lightly toasted and covered with delicious toppings? In fact, this simple dish is a meal in its own right! Toast is so incredibly versatile that you can enjoy it with sweetened nut butter and caramelised apples or lather it up with smoky baba ganoush and freshly sprouted peas. Whether you’re a fan of sweet or savoury, we’ve got you covered with our list of delicious recipes and toast topping ideas!

Of course, the bread we bake and sell at BReD, our vegan bakery in Whistler BC, definitely does not need any toppings but if you’re looking for more of a meal or want to dress it up extra nice for that plant-based dinner party you’re hosting, then you’re going to want to give these toast toppings a try…

But first, make sure you use real bread for your toasty creations!

Baba ganoush and freshly sprouted peas

If you haven’t tried baba ganoush, then you’re seriously missing a trick. Made using smoked and mashed aubergine (eggplant), lashings of olive oil, a decent squeeze of lemon juice, spoonfuls of tahini, and mixed with various seasonings, this Levantine appetiser is the best thing since sliced bread…oh wait, baba ganoush is the best thing on (toasted) sliced bread!

Top it off with some freshly sprouted organic pea sprouts and you’re good to go. Did we mention that sprouts are delicately sweet and have mind-blowing nutritional qualities? They’re super healthy! Check out The Sprout Book by Doug Evans for more information.

Kimchi, avocado, and vegan cheese on toast

For those of us with a penchant for sour flavours, kimchi is pure bliss! A staple in Korean cuisine, kimchi is a fermented food frequently made using napa cabbage, assorted root and allium vegetables, and gochugaru (Korean chilli peppers).

To make this topping, dollop some roughly chopped kimchi onto your toast (preferably sourdough), add some avocado pieces, and cover with slices of vegan cheese. Finish it off under the grill for pure melty cheesy goodness and garnish with thinly sliced spring onions or cooked sweetcorn.

*Top tip: Watch out for non-vegan kimchi as it’s traditionally made using seafood products! Scratch make plant-based kimchi, which is available to buy here.*

Toasted brioche with chocolate hazelnut spread + extra hazelnuts

The nutty flavours of Noizette (vegan hazelnut chocolate spread made right here in Whistler) perfectly complement the sweet richness of brioche toast. This one certainly hits the spot. Who can resist chocolate? And the sprinkled hazelnuts elevate the texture of this toast topping to a whole new level.

Umami mushrooms, caramelised onions, and spinach

For a toast topping oozing with flavour, we recommend gently caramelising your onions in plenty of oil and with a pinch of salt for at least 10 minutes. They should start to look golden and translucent.

Next, fry up some mushrooms with lots of garlic and add handfuls of spinach, letting it wilt before piling it onto your favourite sourdough toast. Generously heap your caramelised onions on top and voila!

Fresh tomatoes, balsamic, and salt

Tomatoes speak for themselves really but a good glug of balsamic vinegar and a few grinds of salt do wonders to enhance the flavour of this mouthwatering topping. Make sure you use artisanal salt for an extra boost of minerals and flavour!

Fishless fingers and ketchup (maybe even baked beans)

For all you big kids out there (myself included), this one’s for you. If you’re feeling extra fruity, why not add your fishless fingers to baked beans on toast?

Peanut butter, banana, and blueberry French toast

Living in Canada, we’re never too far from a bottle of delicious maple syrup! And French toast is the perfect excuse to enjoy it. You can use blended silken tofu or even aquafaba as a vegan egg substitute in which to dip your bread (chickpea flour can also be used to give it a more “eggy” texture) and then fry it off in some plant butter or coconut oil.

Coat your toast with peanut butter, banana slices, blueberries, and any other fruity topping and you’ve got yourself some tasty vegan French toast! Serve with soy or oat cream for extra indulgence.

Scrambled tofu on toast

The perfect toast topping for breakfast…who are we kidding, we eat this at any time of the day! Fry some onions and garlic, crumble in the tofu, add some seasonings (nutritional yeast is highly recommended and turmeric adds colour), chuck in some spinach, and serve on toast with some halved cherry tomatoes.

For a full breakfast style toast topping, you could try adding one of these scrummy bacon alternatives. Oh, and we like to drizzle it in sriracha for an extra spicy kick!

Fried ripe plantains with chipotle-spiced avocado

Honestly, we stole this idea from Jhanelle’s vegan food blog (From the Comfort of My Bowl) and just had to share it. Sweet, smoky, spicy, and creamy flavours all burst across the tastebuds in just one bite of this gorgeous toasty creation! Simply fry plantain slices in vegetable oil or plant butter, cut up some avocados, layer on top of your slice of toast, and drizzle with chipotle oil/ground chipotle/chipotle paste.

Make sure you go check out the rest of Jhanelle’s incredible plant-based recipes, you won’t regret it.

Vegan cream cheese and carrot lox

One of the best toast toppings to serve at parties, vegan cream cheese and carrot lox is the epitome of luxurious flavours! Generously spread your favourite brand of plant-based cream cheese all over your toasted bread, coil some homemade smoky carrot lox (vegan smoked salmon) across the top, and sprinkle on some chopped curly parsley or dill. Your dinner party guests will be singing your praises for years to come!