Treemendous Suprise!

Now we have transitioned from bakery cafe to online delicatessen, we have been sourcing more locally made products to accommodate our valued customers.

On Easter Sunday, Ed and Natasha headed to North Vancouver to collect some East Van Jam and Scratch Fine Foods. While driving along the highway at Lion Bay, a huge tree tumbled down the cliff face and onto the road in front our their truck! Luckily no one was hurt, but there was a big cloud of dust which Natasha initially mistook for smoke.

Within a few minutes, people were getting out of their vehicles and clearing the debris off the road. Traffic soon got moving around the downed tree logs. It was a near-death experience for sure! Natasha thinks that it was Mother Nature reminding everyone to stay at home instead of staying in self-quarantine at home!

The local Pique news magazine reported it here. Thankfully, Whistler’s favourite baker was not harmed and will continue churning out sourdough!