Whistler Vegan Guide: Why Whistler is the Best Vegan Ski Resort

If you’re a vegan and you love skiing, then we’ve got the perfect resort for you.

In addition to being SKI magazine’s best Canadian ski resort, Whistler is full of delicious vegan offerings.

Whether you’re looking for a ski destination with a vegan vintage clothes store or you fancy skiing directly into a plant-based bakery, this British Colombian ski resort covers all the bases!

Here’s why Whistler is the best vegan skiing destination…

Our top 8 reasons

1. Almost every restaurant in Whistler has vegan options

And we don’t just mean French fries or a bowl of salad.

Whistler has a thriving food scene and many of the restaurants are now vegan-friendly.

Need fuel before you hit the slopes? Check out Milestones for their fully vegan breakfast. Or you can check out Earl’s plant-based menu.

Famished after a full day of skiing and want something to warm you up? Try Tandoori Grill (the owner is a vegetarian). Make sure to ask for the vegan menu.

Want to sit back and watch skiers on their final run while you chomp down on a vegan burger? The GLC Bar & Grill has a brilliant slopeside view and serves tasty tempeh burgers. Alternatively, try out Splitz Grill’s Hippie Burger and make sure to order a side of fries, they are the best in town!

Want to slurp down some comforting soup? Check out Raven’s Nest, Whistler Blackcomb’s first-ever all-vegetarian restaurant – just a short gondola ride from BReD.

Have a craving for a bowl of creamy plant-based ramen, bao buns, or some Japanese- tacos? You should visit Harajuku Izakaya.

Want to share a pizza with your ski companions? We recommend Creekbread’s Vegan Pizza with a green salad side. And don’t forget to order a mojito on the side! Moreover, Fat Tony’s has plenty of plant-based offerings, including vegan cheese and meats. Or head to Functional Pie Pizzeria for a Beyond Meat sausage topping.

Fancy something extra special? Alta Bistro offers an incredible vegan fine-dining experience.

Check out HappyCow for more vegan options in Whistler. Or have a read of our blog: Eating Vegan in Whistler

2. Whistler has a fully-vegan organic café and juice bar

In addition to being vegan-friendly, Whistler is home to The Green Moustache Organic Café, which serves 100% organic, plant-based, whole-food meals, desserts, juices, and smoothies.

Known by their customers as ‘the local pharmacy’, this family-run vegan business has 2 Whistler-based locations and more across BC.

All their food is made from scratch using mostly locally-sourced fresh and pure produce, just like Grandma’s!

3. Whistler has the only vegan bakery you can actually ski to

Oh hey there, that’s us!
We’re BReD and we’re the only bakery that you can actually ski to (and the only vegan bakery in the sea to sky corridor!)…although we would recommend taking your skis off before coming inside.

Our vegan bakery is based in Whistler Village Creekside, which is the first mountain base area you come to when travelling the Sea to Sky highway and the site of the first gondola.

Once here, you can buy freshly-baked sourdough loaves made with organic Canadian ancient grains, Vancouver Island salt, and clean Whistler water.
Pre-order your loaf

BReD also sells a selection of small vegan baked goods and deliciously smooth espresso-based coffees served with oat, almond, soy, or coconut milk.

4. There’s even a vegan vintage clothes store

A 70’s style hangout spot, The Velvet Underground is dedicated to the sustainable lifestyle and sells all things vintage, local, and handmade.

What started out as a thrifting and up-cycling side hustle, has now grown into a music venue, thrift store, plant-based cafe, and thriving community.

As well as their funky clothes, The Velvet Underground also sells vegan grub, accessories, and locally-made gifts.

So if you fancy grabbing yourself a new (well, lovingly secondhand) outfit while you’re skiing, then Whistler is the place to be!

5. Whistler has its own vegan festival

How many ski resorts can boast that they have their own vegan festival?

Founded by two female Whistler residents, Andrea Helleman (a veg-curious maven) and Julia Murray (a vegan Olympian & HookedonPlants.ca food blogger), the Whistler Vegan Fest is a multi-day festival to showcase the best local and international people behind the vegan movement.

From plant-based food vendors to yoga workshops, cooking demonstrations, sustainable fashion walks, and wine tasting events, there’s something for every vegan at this Whistler-based festival.

The festival is held during the summer but if you’re in Whistler for skiing, you can listen to their vegan podcast (check out episode 3 with our founders Ed and Natasha) while on the slopes instead!

6. A vegan hazelnut spread is made right here in Whistler

Noizette is a 100% organic hazelnut spread made right here in Whistler.

Spread it on some BReD sourdough for a delicious and nutritious vegan snack while skiing!

Big news! Noizette is now available at the Pemberton Grocery Store! So if you want to treat yourself or your kids with an awesome tasty hazelnut chocolate spread, please grab a jar! We are so grateful Pemberton Valley Supermarket are supporting local businesses!


7. Even the ski lodges have vegan options

Whistler has some of the best terrains for skiing but this does mean that getting back in time to go for lunch can be difficult.

Luckily, there are plenty of ski lodges (see Raven’s Nest above) that serve vegan options, including falafel wraps, 3 bean chilli, veggie and tofu rice stir-fry, and vegetable soup.

8. Whistler is only 2 hours from Vancouver…

…which is a super vegan-friendly city – you must visit while you’re here!

Note: make sure to check out Erin Ireland, a top vegan food blogger from Vancouver, for the inside scoop on the Vancouver Vegan Scene!

Make sure to check out Whistler’s vegan Facebook group:

Whistler Vegans FB Group