Naturally Leavened Sourdough

made in a slow process, we use the following key ingredients:

  • Organic Canadian Ancient Grains —
    We source our grain locally in BC

  • Vancouver Island Salt

  • Whistler Water


sourdough explained


We bake small batches of sourdough: rye sourdough ready for 7.30am, wheat sourdough available for collection from 9am. Customers can see and experience the process when picking up the freshest bread in Whistler. We make our bread by hand in the open plan kitchen and serve it whilst still warm.

Although the ingredients are simple, the approach consists of ever changing temperatures, timing and measurements due weather and humidity fluctuations.

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Organic flour, water and salt combine, and amylase (an enzyme in the flour) begins to break down the starch molecules into sugar. Wild yeast, which is naturally found in flour, and friendly bacteria in the air called lactobacilli, begin to feed off the sugar. 

Lactic acid is produced by the lactobacilli, creating a mildly sour taste not present in commercially made bread. During fermentation, the yeast dies and carbon dioxide bubbles are released, causing a spongy texture and noticeable holes in the crumb.

Some research suggests that sourdough is actually lower in gluten than commercially made bread.

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Our suppliers

Anita's Mill, Snowcap, Armstrong Organics, Vancouver Salt Co., Detour Coffee, Namasthe, Laughing Crow Organics, Pefferlaw Creek Farms