Privacy Policy

At BReD, we are committed to providing our customers with exceptional products and service. As providing this service involves the collection, use and disclosure of some personal information about our customers, protecting their personal information is one of our highest priorities.

We will inform our customers of why and how we collect, use and disclose their personal information, obtain their consent where required, and only handle their personal information in a manner that a reasonable person would consider appropriate in the circumstances.

This Personal Information Protection Policy outlines the principles and practices we will follow in protecting customers’ personal information. Our privacy commitment includes ensuring the accuracy, confidentiality, and security of our customers’ personal information and allowing our customers to request access to, and correction of, their personal information.

Using and Disclosing Personal Information

We will only use or disclose customer personal information where necessary to conduct surveys in order to enhance the provision of our services – or to contact our customers directly about products and promotions that may be of interest.

We will not use or disclose customer personal information for any additional purpose unless we obtain consent to do so and we will not sell customer lists or personal information to other parties.


Please direct any complaints, concerns or questions regarding our compliance in writing to our Marketing Department.

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